DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Exam-2021 Solved Question Paper [Que.61 to 75]

DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Examination -2021 Solved Question Paper

Following are question and answers of the DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Examination-2021 which is conducted on the 07th August 2021.

Solved Questions Papers with Answer [Que-61 to 75]
61. Ranganathan has defined reference service as __.
(A) Personal assistance
(B) Direct Personal aid

(C) Personal service
(D) Personal aid
Answer: (C) Personal service

62. The three types of analytical entries in CCC are author analytical, title analytical and __ analytical.
(A) Edition
(B) Name
(C) Subject
(D) Series
Answer: (C) Subject

63. Analytical entry is prepared for __.
(A) More than four authors
(B) Alternative title
(C) Part of a document
(D) Full document
Answer: (C) Part of a document

64. National Union Catalogue (NUC) is compiled, maintained and printed by __.
(A) National Library of India
(B) State Lenin Library
(C) Library of Congress
(D) British Library
Answer: (C) Library of Congress

65. Which of the following areas is NOT a part of the description prescribed by AACR-II ?
(A) Edition
(B) Publication and distribution
(C) Title and statement of responsibility
(D) Address and location
Answer: (D) Address and location

66. Rules for Dictionary catalogue, first time introduced by _______.
(A) C. A. Cutter
(B) Panizzi
(C) Ranganathan
(D) Sayers
Answer: (A) C. A. Cutter
Short Notes: C. A. Cutter (Charles Ammi Cutter) was an American Librarian who devised the ‘Rules for a Printed Dictionary Catalogue’ in 1876

67. Handling of refrence questions of fact finding nature is known as _______.
(A) Reference service
(B) Long range reference service
(C) Respective service
(D) Ready reference service
Answer: (D) Ready reference service

68. An entry that is made for the subject of a chapter in a book is referred to as ____.
(A) Cross Reference Entry
(B) Class Index Entry
(C) Book Index Entry
(D) Cross Reference Index Entry
Answer: (A) Cross Reference Entry

69. ‘Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education’ is a draft prepared by _______.
Answer: (D) ACRL

70. Referral service means ____________.
(A) Providing reference service in a large library
(B) Directing the reader to the correct source
(C) Directing the read to the reference section
(D) Rendering information services to experts
Answer: (B) Directing the reader to the correct source

71. The microform catalogues are being used extensively since ________.
(A) 1970’s
(B) 1990’s

(C) 1980’s
(D) 1960’s
Answer: (A) 1970’s

72. Which of the following is NOT an example of current awareness service?
(A) An indexing bulletin
(B) Current contents
(C) A reading list
Answer: (C) A reading list

73. ‘Information Skills Model’ developed by ____________.
Answer: (A) SCONUL

74. The first publisher of Sears List of Subject Headings ________.
(A) R. R. Bowkers
(B) Author Press
(C) H. W. Wilson
(D) Forest Press
Answer: (C) H. W. Wilson

Short Note: Sears List of Subject Headings First published by H. W. Wilson in 1923.

75. The first step in long range of reference service is ___________.
(A) Determination of the enquiry
(B) Spotting the places of possible answers to the topic
(C) Reference interview
(D) Identification of the primary sources that may provide answer
Answer: (C) Reference interview

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