DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Exam-2021 Solved Question Paper [Que.91 to 100]

DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Examination -2021 Solved Question Paper

Following are question and answers of the DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Examination-2021 which is conducted on the 07th August 2021.

Solved Questions Papers with Answer [Que-91 to 100]

91. The library statistics usually pertains to library resources, technical services and ____________.
(A) Finance
(B) Staff
(C) Collection
(D) User services
Answer: (D) User services

92. _______ bibliography is a systematic list of books published all over the world.
(A) Systematic
(B) Descriptive
(C) Universal
(D) Trade
Answer: (C) Universal

93. The record of items, relating to the subject bibliographies is maintained by the __ division.
(A) Acquisition
(B) Reference
(C) Technical
(D) Maintenance
Answer: (B) Reference

94. Resource sharing eliminates duplication of money, manpower, and ____________.
(A) Language
(B) Religion
(C) Time
(D) Material
Answer: (D) Material

95. A textbook on Higher Education in India, the subject heading will be ________.
(A) Education, Higher
(B) India, Education
(C) Education
(D) Higher Education
Answer: (A) Education, Higher

96. The third law of library science allows __________ to the readers.
(A) Restricted access
(B) Open access
(C) Limited access
(D) Closed access
Answer: (B) Open access

97. Three card system recommended by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan is used in ______.
(A) Book Acquisition Section
(B) Circulation section
(C) Periodical section
(D) Technical section
Answer: (C) Periodical section

98. “NT,BT,UF, and USE’ terminologies used in __________.
Answer:(D) LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) 

Short Note:
BT = Broader Term
NT = Narrower Term
UF = Used For
USE = “See”

99. Documents are primary sources in ______________.
(A) Descriptive research
(B) Applied research
(C) Scientific research
(D) Historical research
Answer: (D) Historical research

100. Identify the secondary source from the following:
(A) Standards
(B) Patents
(C) Journals
(D) Directories
Answer: (D) Directories

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