Library & Information Science : List of Library Networks in India

List of Library Networks in India

Following are the list of various Library Networks in India working for the Library  & Information Science discipline education, research and progression. this list consist of their year of establishment, Location and website URL , this listed information is useful for the most of LIS discipline exam.

Sr. No. Library Networks with Abbreviation Location Establishment Year Web URL
General Network
1 National Informatics Centre Network (NICNET) New Delhi 1976
Library Networks
2. Developing Library Network (DELNET) New Delhi 1988 http://delnet.nic.i
3. Scientific and Industrial Research Network (SIRNET)
4. Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Ahmadabad 1991
5. Pune Library Network (PUNENET) Pune 1992
6. Calcutta Library Network (CALIBNET) Calcutta 1993
7. Madras Library Network (MALIBNET) Madras 1993
8. Bombay Library Network -BONET(BOSALA) Mumbai 1994
9 Ahmadabad Library Network (ADINET) Ahmadabad 1994
10 Mysore Library Network (MYLBNET) Mysore 1995
11 Management Library Network (MANLIBNET) New Delhi 2000
12 National Open and Distance Learner’s Library and Information Network (NODLIBNET) New Delhi 2007
13 Indore Library Network (INDOLIBNET) Indore

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