LIS One Liner Que Set-1 for NET/SET Exam on Library & Information Science [PDF]

One Liner Que For NET/SET & other Exam on Library & Information Science [PDF]

LIS One Liner Que Set-1

  1. LAMP stands for: Linux Apache. MySQL Perl
  2. Publishers of Sear’s list of subject headings: W. Wilson
  3. The Dewey Decimal Classification divides human knowledge into: 10 basic categories.
  4. Father of Management: Henery Feyol
  5. OAISTER is an example of digital libraries architecture based on: Metadata Harvesting
  6. The concept of Selective Dissemination of Information ( SDI ) was introduced by : Luhn of IBM
  7. Science Abstracts published by: INSPEC (Institute of Electrical Engineering)
  8. The term Lexicography is associated with: Compilation of Dictionaries
  9. “Controlled Group” is a term used in: Experimental research
  10. The Farmington plan is associated with : Library Cooperation
  11. Ontology is:Classification of Internet based documents
  12. Search engine is exclusively meant for scientific information : SCIRUS
  13. Bibliometry is a : Information Management Tool
  14. MESH is a is: Thesaurus 
  15. Classification of all types of libraries has been made by: UNESCO
  16. Is not a web browser: DMOZ
  17. ASTINFO stands for: Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experience in Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific
  18. The ‘Rules of Dictionary Catalogue’ were developed by: C. A. Cutter
  19. Emerald is a database of: Management Literature
  20. “Information is piecemeal, fragmented and particular.” Said by:  Fritz Machlup

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