UGC NET Exam in Library & Information Science [LIS] Check Box Practice Test No.-4 [Library Science Practice Test]

In this post we are providing you the most useful question and Answer for UGC NET/SET and other Library & Information Science discipline Exam Preparation. Following are the UGC NET Library & Information Science [LIS] Exam Check Box Type Question Practice Test No.-4 [LIS Practice Question]

Welcome to your Check Box Practice Test-4

Which of the following are associated with UNESCO Programme?

a. General Information Programme (PGI)
b. World Scientific Information System (UNISIST)
c. Universal Availability of Publications (UAP)
d. International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD)

Collection development principles are given by:

a. C.A. Cutter
b. Melvil Dewey
c. S.R. Ranganathan
d. B.S. Kesvan

'Product lifecycle' is helpful in:

a. deciding marketing strategies best fitted to particular stages in the development of service activities.
b. maintaining that all products or services follow distinctive pattern overtime.
c. dealing with the historical aspect of the product.
d. dealing with the stages of product life-cycle.

PMEST in colon classification of S.R. Ranganathan is

a. Decreasing order of concreteness
b. Decreasing order of association
c. Decreasing order of classification
d. Decreasing order of fundamental categories

Information under section 2(f) of the 'Right to Information Act, 2005' means any material in any form, thus include..........

a. Records, Documents, Memos, E-mails, Papers
b. Opinions, Advices, Press Releases, Circulars, Samples
c. Orders, Log books, Contracts, Reports
d. Book Chapters, Journal Articles, Sale Deeds, Reprints, Snapshots of Consort

The objectives of Metadata are:

a. Unique identification
b. Authentification of records
c. To eliminate the duplicate record.
d. To arrange the collection.

Identify the following Institutional Archives/Repositories available free:

a. Project MUSE
b. Web of Science
c. e-prints
d. Open DOAR

Identify the following basic steps as advocated by William Edwards for implementing TQM:

a. Assessment of organisation's culture and training process for the top management.
b. Formation of Quality Council.
c. Dissemination of information through established communication system and integration of TQM tools, techniques and training.
d. Filtering and censoring Information.

Identify the Audio File Format for Digital libraries:

a. .tif
b. .jfif
c. .aif
d. .ra

The available options for extending Wiki vary depending on the software that runs the site. Identify the correct options available to users using ‘Media wiki’,

a. GISWiki kWBreadCrumbs
b. Bibwiki
c. YouTube Tag and Fire Stats
d. pbwikiGs

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