UGC NET Exam in Library & Information Science [LIS] Check Box Practice Test No.-6 [Library Science Practice Test]

In this post we are providing you the most useful question and Answer for UGC NET/SET and other Library & Information Science discipline Exam Preparation. Following are the UGC NET Library & Information Science [LIS] Exam Check Box Type Question Practice Test No.-6 [LIS Practice Question]

Welcome to your Check Box Practice Test-6

Which of the following were the major events took place in the year 1931 in the history of Library Science?

(a) Publication of first edition of ‘Five Laws of Library Science’.
(b) Publication of first edition of ‘Colon Classification’.
(c) Death of Melvil Dewey.
(d) Publication of first edition of DDC.

Anglo American cataloguing Rules (AACR)-2 is published jointly by the

(a) American Library Association (ALA)
(b) Canadian Library Association (CLA)
(c) Society of Information Science (SIS)
(d) ILA

Which of the following are associated with the ‘Carrot and stick theory’ of Motivation as described by Frederick Herzberg and his associates?

(a) Use of Rewards
(b) Imposition of Penalties
(c) Curtailment of subsidy in institutional canteen
(d) Periodical Transfer from section to section.

Identify the key attributes of flow charts from the following:

(a) An input and output chart that displays visual representation of the steps involved in a given activity.
(b) Facilitates understanding how a process based on TQM principles works and can bring improvement.
(c) Displays the relationship between two values (i.e. quality of raw material used in a catalogue card affects the life of the card)
(d) An useful mechanism for training employees as to how to use a new procedure.

Identify the central leadership competencies/meta-competencies as defined by Ammons Stephens.

(a) Cognitive ability
(b) Vision
(c) Managerial effectiveness
(d) Writing skills

Identify the image File Format for digital libraries given below:

(a) .wav
(b) .fla
(c) .tif
(d) .spf

Identify the web 2.0 features from the list given below:

(a) Blogs
(b) Folksonomy
(c) Semantic web
(d) Netvibes

Webcasting is concerned with

(a) Distribution of multiple content sources to many viewers/listeners at one go.
(b) A media representation distributed over internet using streaming media technology.
(c) Distributed-live or on demand.
(d) The customised service automatically downloaded on customers’ personal computers.

Arrange the following knowledge classification schemes in their chronological order:

(a) Compte’s classification
(b) Baconian classification
(c) Kant’s classification
(d) Spencer’s classification

Identify the correct sequence of the following steps involved in translation of a document from natural language into classifications language as propounded by SR Ranganathan, under Postulational approach.

(a) Analyzed title
(b) Title in standard terms
(c) Expressive title
(d) Class number

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