LIS Study Material- Management Theories and their Profounders

LIS Exam Study Material

Management Theories and their Profounders

Name of Profounder
Father of Scientific Management Principals
F.W. Taylor
MBO (Management by Objectives)
P. Drucker
Theory X and Theory Y
D. Mcgregor
Motivation Hygiene approach
F. Herzberg
Humanistic Theory of Learning
Management Grid
Robert Blake
Term of scientific Management
Luis Brandies
Principal of Management
Henry Fayaol
Management by Objective
Peter Drucker
Hierarchy of need Theory
A. Maslaw
Social Relation Management
Elton Mayo
Leadership & Management
Contingency Style
Managerial Grid
Balkes Mouton
Pyramid shape of organizational control
Fitness for Use
J. M. Juran
Human emotions
Mar Parker
Hawthorne studies
Elton Mayo
Psychological factors
Hugo Munsterberg
Task and Bonus
Henry Grant
Bureastic model / System School
Max webar

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