List of Books by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan

List of Books by S.R. Ranganathan

Dr. S. R. Ranganathan was well known for his most valuable work for growth of subject Library science & library development in India.His most well known work   The Five Laws of Library Science , Colon Classification etc. is very useful for library science which is available in the published form along with this he writes  no of books for the growth of library science. following is the list of books by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan with his publication year.

Books by S.R. Ranganathan Publication Year
The Five Laws of Library Science 1931
Colon Classification (1 ” ed.) 1933
Classified Cataloguing Code 1934
Library Administration (first published 1935
Prolegomena to Library Classification 1937
Theory of the Library Catalogue 1938
Colon Classification (2nd ed.) 1939
Elements of Library Classification 1945
Suggestion for the organization of the Libraries in India 1946
Classification and International Documentation 1948
Colon Classification (3rd ed.) 1950
Classification and Communication 1951
Philosophy of Library Classification 1951
Library Manual 1951
Library Book Selection 1952
Colon Classification (4h ed.) 1952
Headings and Canons 1955 1955
Prolegomena to Library Classification (2nd ed.) 1957
Colon Classification  (5th ed.) 1957
Colon Classification (6th ed.) 1960
Reference Service 1961
Documentation and its facets 1963
Library Book Selection (2nd ed.) 1966
Prolegomena to Library Classification (3rd ed.) 1967
Ramanujan: The man and the mathematician 1967
Documentation: Genesis and Development 1973
A Librarian Looks Back: An autobiography of Dr. S. R. Rangnathan (Editor: P. N. Kaula) 1992

this list of books also useful for the Library Science UGC NET exam.  Share your comment on comment box. Thank you

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