DSSSB Librarian Post Exam-November 2021 Solved Question Paper [Que.21 to 40]

DSSSB Librarian Exam Solved Question Paper- November 2021 [Que.1 to 20] (Exam Conducted on 25th November 2021)

Following are the questions of DSSSB Exam conducted on 25th November 2021 for the post of Librarian with answer which are taken from the Answer provided by the board. This is for the preparation of various LIS discipline exam like UGC NET/SLET/DSSSB etc. Exams. We hope you like this Que. and answer.

DSSSB Exam Solved Question [Que.21 to 40]

21. A set of rules produced by IFLA to create standard bibliographic details to be used in a library catalogue is called :
(a) ISBN
(b) ISSN
(c) ISBD
(d) ISRO
Answer: (c) ISBD

22. The domain expertise for New Gen Lib integrated library management software is provided by
(a) VTLS Inc.
(b) NIC
(c) Sharada Rangannathan Endowment for Library Science
(d) Kesavan Institute of Information and Knowledge Management
Answer: (d) Kesavan Institute of Information and Knowledge Management

23. Which is the most appropriate way to find a reader for every book in a library?
(a) Door Display
(b) Book Procurement
(c) Closed Access System
(d) Open Access System
Answer: (d) Open Access System

24. The first public library in Greece was established in 330 BC in :
(a) Sumeria
(b) Rome
(c) Alexandria
(d) Athens
Answer: (d) Athens

25. McAfee and Avast are examples of
(a) Library Ware
(b) Antivirus
(c) Library Software
(d) Antisecurity
Answer: (b) Antivirus

26. Name of the present Director of INFLIBNET Centre is:
(a) Yashpal Sharma
(b) Manoj Kumar K
(c) Jagdeesh Arora
(d) J P Singh Joorel
Answer: (d) J P Singh Joorel

27. Which one of the following is the most primitive system of lending books?
(a) Book Lending
(b) User lending system
(c) Day Book and Ledger System
(d) Union Catalogue system
Answer: (c) Day Book and Ledger System

28. A software system designed to carry out web searches is called:
(a) Bus Engine
(b) Rail Engine
(c) Search Engine
(d) Search Technique
Answer: (c) Search Engine

29. The Romans used prachment sheets, bound together to form a book, called:
(a) Fladex
(b) Codex
(c) Linedex
(d) Kardex
Answer: (b) Codex

30. The process of removing the vandalized and unwanted books in a library is called:
(a) Deleting Out
(b) Removing Out
(c) Weeding Out
(d) Cutting Out
Answer: (c) Weeding Out

31. The Karnataka Public Library act (1965) was earlier named as:
(a) Maharaja Wadeyar Public Library Act
(b) Bangalore Public Library Act
(c) Sir M V Public Library Act
(d) Mysore Public Library Act
Answer: (d) Mysore Public Library Act

32. Which one of the following assist in saving the time of the reader:
(a) Four Card Guides
(b) Library Documentation
(c) Stack-Room Guides
(d) Library Manual
Answer: (c) Stack-Room Guides

33. In which year Madras Public Library act was enacted in India?
(a) 1948
(b) 1965
(c) 1958
(d) 1975
Answer: (a) 1948

34. If a computer has more processing power than some other classes of computers, then it is called:
(a) Super Computers
(b) Big Computers
(c) Mega Computers
(d) Large Computers
Answer: (a) Super Computers

35. Computers which are intended to be operated by end user rather than a technician is called:
(a) Corporate Computers
(b) Ready Computers
(c) Individual Computers
(d) Personal Computers
Answer: (d) Personal Computers

36. A reservoir of Indian electronic thesis and dissertation is called:
(a) INFLIBNET Centre
(b) Shodhjanma
(d) Shodhganga
Answer: (d) Shodhganga

37. “The UNESCO Regional seminar on library development in south Asia” emphasizing the need for library legislation was held in the year:
(a) 1970
(b) 1980
(c) 1960
(d) 1990
Answer: (c) 1960

38. The library of King Ashurbani Pal contained numerous books on a variety of subjects and were arranged:
(a) Date Wise
(b) Author Wise
(c) Subject Wise
(d) Form Wise
Answer: (c) Subject Wise

39. ‘Bibliotherapy’ is a service used in catering to the:
(a) Women and Children
(b) Sick and Hospitalised
(c) Sports Men / Women
(d) Adults and Youth
Answer: (b) Sick and Hospitalised

40. Which query language is used to access RDBMS
(a) SQL
(b) BMS
(c) Apache
Answer: (a) SQL

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