DSSSB Librarian Post Exam-November 2021 Solved Question Paper [Que.61 to 80]

DSSSB Librarian Exam Solved Question Paper- November 2021 [Que.1 to 20] (Exam Conducted on 25th November 2021)

Following are the questions of DSSSB Exam conducted on 25th November 2021 for the post of Librarian with answer which are taken from the Answer provided by the board. This is for the preparation of various LIS discipline exam like UGC NET/SLET/DSSSB etc. Exams. We hope you like this Que. and answer.

DSSSB Exam Solved Question [Que.61 to 80]

61. The Canon which describes that the information found on the title page and its overflow pages is the basis of determining the choice and heading of a catalogue entry is called :
(a) Canon of Prepotence
(b) Canon of Sought Headings
(c) Canon of Ascertaniability
Answer: (c) Canon of Ascertaniability

62. NISCAIR publishes a unique secondary source of information called :
(a) Indian Library Science Abstracts
(b) Indian Social Science Abstracts
(c) Indian Science Abstracts
(d) Indian Technological Abstracts
Answer: (c) Indian Science Abstracts

63. The father of administrative management is:
(a) FW Taylor
(b) EFL Brech
(c) Henry Fayol
(d) Peter Drucker
Answer: (c) Henry Fayol

64. The catalogue code which was jointly prepared by Library Association London
and the American Library Association is called:
(a) AA Code
(b) British Museum Code
(c) Classified Catalogue Code
(d) Rules for Dictionary Catalogue
Answer: (a) AA Code

65. Whom do librarians guide to ensure that the following users get access to high quality and relevant information :
(a) Researchers
(b) House bound
(c) House Wives
(d) General Public
Answer: (a) Researchers
66. The Microsoft Power Point program was developed by :
(a) Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin
(b) Paul Otlet and Henri la Fontaine
(c) Adam Smith and TR Mathews
(d) Andy Robertson and Bill Gates
Answer: (a) Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin

67. The Press and Registration of Books Act was passed in the year:
(a) 1857
(b) 1967
(c) 1867
(d) 1968
Answer: (c) 1867

68. When the isolate ideas belonging to the same array of facet are in a relation with each other idea , then it is :
(a) Intra Subject Relation
(b) Intra Facet Relation
(c) Intra Phase Relation
(d) Intra Array Relation
Answer: (d) Intra Array Relation

69. The first systematically organized library in the ancient middle east by Assurbani Pal was:
(a) Sumeria
(b) Nineveh
(c) Athens
(d) Babylone
Answer: (b) Nineveh

70. The Special Library Association in the United States of America was founded in the year :
(a) 2001
(b) 2000
(c) 2009
(d) 1909
Answer: (d) 1909

71. Which one of the following is a softskill required for the librarians :
(a) Computer Hardware Use
(b) Libray Software Use
(c) Punctuality
(d) Classification of Books
Answer: (c) Punctuality

72. National Digital Library in India (NDLI) is a project developed by :
(a) IIT, Kharagpur
(b) IIT, Mumbai
(c) IIT, Delhi
(d) IIT, Madras
Answer: (a) IIT, Kharagpur

73. ICADL is the annual conference in Asian countries on :
(a) Academic Libraries
(b) Special Libraries
(c) Digital Libraries
(d) Public Libraries
Answer: (c) Digital Libraries

74. Which school of library science in India was established in 1929:
(a) Delhi
(b) Mumbai
(c) Madras
(d) Mysore
Answer: (c) Madras

75. Which organization has its head quarters at ‘The Hague’ :
(a) IFLA
(b) ALA
(c) WIPO
(d) WHO
Answer: (a) IFLA

76. When the publication of a document is lengthy and time consuming process it is called the barriers of :
(a) Economic
(b) Language
(c) Political
(d) Time Lag
Answer: (d) Time Lag

77. The most traditional approach to budgeting is
(a) ZBB
(b) Performance Budgeting
(c) Line-item Budgeting
(d) PPBS
Answer: (c) Line-item Budgeting

78. Technical Jargons are a barrier to :
(a) Communication
(b) Access Providing
(c) Knowledge
(d) Information
Answer: (a) Communication

79. Distillation one of the modes of formation of subject in elements of library classification gives rise to a:
(a) Loose New Subject
(b) Secondary Basic Subject
(c) Primary Basic Subject
(d) Assembled New Subject
Answer: (c) Primary Basic Subject

80. CALIBER is the annual conference organized by :
Answer: (c) INFLIBNET

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