DSSSB Librarian Post Exam-November 2021 Solved Question Paper [Que.81 to 100]

DSSSB Librarian Exam Solved Question Paper- November 2021 [Que.1 to 20] (Exam Conducted on 25th November 2021)

Following are the questions of DSSSB Exam conducted on 25th November 2021 for the post of Librarian with answer which are taken from the Answer provided by the board. This is for the preparation of various LIS discipline exam like UGC NET/SLET/DSSSB etc. Exams. We hope you like this Que. and answer.

DSSSB Exam Solved Question [Que.81 to 100]
81. Post Industrial Society is known as :
(a) Information Society
(b) Agrarian Society
(c) Modern Society
(d) Industrial Society
Answer: (a) Information Society

82. “The amount of information in a message depends of the size of the words contained in the message “ says:
(a) Weaver and Hookes
(b) Shannon and Brookes
(c) Shannon and Weaver
(d) Weaver and Losswell
Answer: (c) Shannon and Weaver

83. The NISSAT was established in India with the support of :
(c) IFLA
(d) FID
Answer: (a) UNESCO

84. SOUL is a
(a) E-Resource
(b) Library Hardware
(c) Library Service
(d) Library Software
Answer: (d) Library Software

85. Unsolisited bulk – sent mail messages delivered to an inbox are called
(a) Normal Mail
(b) Bulk Mail
(c) Junk Mail
(d) Norton Mail
Answer: (c) Junk Mail

86. Rapid increase in the amount of published information and its effects on information use is called :
(a) Information generation
(b) Information Explosion
(c) Information Creation
(d) Knowledge management
Answer: (b) Information Explosion

87. The process of adding tags or keyword freely to online resources is called :
(a) Library Tagging
(b) Digital Tagging
(c) Social Tagging
(d) Service Tagging
Answer: (c) Social Tagging

88. S R Ranganathan’s Classification system is based on :
(a) Cognitive approach
(b) Analytico-synthetic approach
(c) Bibliometric approach
(d) Consenses approach
Answer: (b) Analytico-synthetic approach

89. Cognitively processed data is :
(a) Knowledge
(b) Wisdom
(c) Information
(d) Raw Facts
Answer: (c) Information

90. Now INSDOC is given a new name called :
Answer: (a) NISCAIR

91. The head quarters of Common Wealth Library Association (COMLA) are located at:
(a) London,UK
(b) Washington, DC,USA
(c) Kingston Jamaica
(d) Paris, France
Answer: (c) Kingston Jamaica

92. The two channels of communication are :
(a) Regular and Irregular
(b) Formal and Nonformal
(c) Radio and TV
(d) Simple and Complex
Answer: (b) Formal and Nonformal

93. A social cataloguing of web application for sorting and sharing of book catalogues and various types of book metadata is called :
(a) Internet of Things
(b) Library Thing
(c) Cataloguing
(d) Social Thing
Answer: (b) Library Thing

94. In ‘Heirarchical Classification’ you can arrange a group of classes in the order of :
(a) Regular Classes
(b) Main Classes
(c) Successive Subdivision
(d) Irregular Divisions
Answer: (c) Successive Subdivision

95. ‘Manupatra’ is the name of a :
(a) Software
(b) Book
(c) Database
(d) Philosophy
Answer: (c) Database

96. The letter ‘S’ in the acronym PODSCORB means :
(a) Statistics
(b) Staffing
(c) Silence
(d) Screening
Answer: (b) Staffing

97. ‘Geographic indications’ is an element of :
(a) CPR
(b) DRP
(c) IPR
(d) VPR
Answer: (c) IPR

98. Which one of the following is the example for primary information sources according to Denis Grogan :
(a) News Digests
(b) Journal papers
(c) Almanac
(d) Indexing Journals
Answer: (b) Journal papers

99. A ‘Byte’ is a collection of :
(a) 8 bits
(b) 12 bits
(c) 12 bits
(d) 6 bits
Answer: (a) 8 bits

100. The copyright act of India was enacted in the year :
(a) 1957
(b) 1968
(c) 1967
(d) 1958
Answer: (a) 1957

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