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Following are the list of major indexing systems in library science also we are including their inventors list with year. the list is prepared as per the knowledge of study material available in different resources which is correct as per our knowledge. if you found any error or mistakes in any please correct it or suggest us on comment box.

List of Indexing Systems with inventors and Year

Sr. No. Indexing System Inventor Year
1 Automated Indexing H. Ohlman 1957
2 Citation Indexing E. Garfield 1955
3 Subject Indexing M.E. Sears 1923
4 Key Word in Context (KWIC) Indexing H.P. Luhn 1958
5 Selective Listing in Combination (SLIC) Indexing J.R. Sharpa 1966
6 Uniterm Indexing M. Taube 1953
7 Chain Indexing Dr. S.R.Rangnathan 1934
8 Thesaurus Indexing P.M. Rogget 1852
9 Systematic indexing Kaiser, J. 1911
10 Relational Indexing Farradabce 1950
11 Melvil Dewey 1976
12 PREserved Context Indexing System (PRESIS) Derik Austin 1974
13 Postulate Based Permuted Subject Indexing (POPSI) G. Bhattacharya 1979
14 British Technology Index (BTI)  Indexing Coates 1962
15 Wod Author Index (WADEX) E. A. Rapperger, H. Wooster and S. Juhasz 1964
16 Nested Phrase Indexing System (NEPHIS) Timothy C. Craven 1986
17 Compass Indexing Shay Banon 2004

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