Library Science -One Word Substitute & Term used in LIS Discipline

One Word Substitute & Term used in Library Science Discipline

            Following are the list of some of the terms used in Library  & Information Science discipline and some of the one word substitute word which are used Library discipline. Here we are trying to prepare the some of the terminologies which are useful for the Library Science discipline exam purpose. hope this is use full for while preparing for the UGC-NET and other exams.

List of One Word Substitute & Term used in LIS Discipline

  • Abstract-Brief summary of the content of a book, article, speech, report, dissertation, etc.
  • Almanac-An annual publication containing astronomical data, weather forecasts, maps, dates, and tables of other useful information.
  • Addendum – Thing to be added at the end of a book, etc.
  • Anthology-Collection of stories, plays, and/or poems, selected by an editor.Atlas-A book of maps.
  • Autobiography-Account of one’s life written by one-
  • Archives— A group of documents, photographs, plans, etc. collected to maintain a historical record of an institution.
  • Anonymous – A book written by an unknown author
  • Archaeology -A study of ancient things
  • Etymology -A study of derivation of words
  • Bibliotherapy: Treatment of patient by using reading material
  • Bio-bibliography: A list of works written about an author examining the author’s life and work.
  • Bibliography-List of references
  • Biblioclast: A destroyer of books
  • Bibliology: A Statistical study of reading materials.
  • Bibliomania:Passionate enthusiasm for collecting and possessing books
  • Biography-Account of a person’s life, written by another.
  • Bibliophobia: A person who scares of books
  • Bibliophile One who loves books
  • Bibliopole: A person who deals in Secondhand and rare books
  • Biblioholism: Loves to purchase, read, store, admire books in excess.
  • Biblioklept : A Person who Steals books and other material from libraries
  • Catalogue–a list of items such as books, periodicals, maps and audiovisual materials arranged in a defined order
  • Citation–the written reference to a specific work.
  • Catalogue A list of names, books etc.
  • Dictionary–a book which defines the terms of a language, profession, discipline, or specialized area of knowledge.
  • Index–a list, in alphabetical or numerical order, of the topics, names, etc.
  • Monograph-A scholarly book complete on one subject or a class of subjects.
  • Manuscript -Handwritten book
  • OPAC-An acronym which stands for “Online Public Access Catalog.”
  • Patrons-People who use the library.
  • Stacks-Public areas where books and periodicals are shelve
  • Thesaurus– a book that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts.
  • Posthumas -A book published after the death of its author
  • Plagiarist -One who copies from other writers
  • Polyglot -One who knows many languages
  • Paleography -The study of ancient writing 
  • URL-An acronym which stands for “Uniform Resource Locator.
  • Retrospective bibliography: List of Books that published in previous years.

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