Karnataka SET (KSET) Exam-2021 Solved Paper-Library & Information Science [Que. 1-15]

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Karnataka SET (KSET) 2021 Solved Question Paper- Library & Information Science

Following are the solved question and Answers of the Karnataka SET (KSET) 2021 of subject Library & Information Science.
Que No. 1 to Que. No. 15 with Answer

1. What is the relation in the title “comparison of rural and urban families” according to Colon Classification (CC 6th ed)
(A) Inter-subject phase relation
(B) Intra-facet phase relation
(C) Intra array phase relation
(D) Intra foci phase relation
Answer: (C) Intra array phase relation

2. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 1998 deals with the copyright law of _______ country.
(A) UK
(C) India
(D) France
Answer: (B) USA

3. The art and science of compilation of a dictionary is called _______________.
(A) Cryptography
(B) Demography
(C) Lexicography
(D) Crystallography
Answer: (C) Lexicography

4. Which of the followings are not the type of information requirement identified by Melvin Voigt?
(A) Current Approach
(B) Everyday Approach
(C) Exhaustive Approach
(D) Brushing up Approach
Answer: (D) Brushing up Approach

5. Which of the following is not a plagiarism detection software?
(A) Turnitin
(B) C Cleaner
(C) iThenticate
(D) DrillBit
Answer: (B) C Cleaner

6. The geographical arrangement of computer resources, remote devices and communication
facilities in a network system is called:
(A) Network analysis
(B) Network system

(C) Network topology
(D) Network of networks
Answer: (C) Network topology

7. Who introduced the term ‘Cyber space’?
(A) William Gibson
(B) Donald Neuth
(C) Bill Gates
(D) Irish Mitty
Answer: (A) William Gibson

8. In ‘Seven Faces of Information Literacy’ which face discusses information literacy
experienced as using information processes?
(A) Second Face
(B) Third Face
(C) Fourth Face
(D) Sixth Face
Answer: (B) Third Face

9. The term ‘Be Speaking’ means __________________.
(A) Photocopying of books
(B) Returning books
(C) Issuing of books
(D) Reservation of books
Answer: (D) Reservation of books

10. In Big 6 Information literacy model which skill discusses the information seeking
(A) Skill 2
(B) Skill 3
(C) Skill 4
(D) Skill 5
Answer: (A) Skill 2

11. Webometrics involves the analysis of _________.
(A) Web page content and web link structure
(B) Web software links
(C) Discussion groups and mailing lists
(D) Communication links
Answer: (A) Web page content and web link structure

12. ‘Kalasampada Digital Library’ is associated with _________.
Answer: (C) IGNCA

Kalasampada: Digital Library- Resource for Indian Cultural Heritage (DL-RICH) project sponsored by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) developed by IGNCA

13. Which among the following is free audio book site?
(A) Ebrary
(B) Virtua
(C) Librivox
(D) Google Books
Answer: (C) Librivox

Librivox– is free public audiobooks project. It is a non-commercial, non-profit and ad-free project established in 2005 by a group of worldwide volunteers in USA.

14. An Application Program Interface (API) language is used for _______.
(A) Network management
(B) Graphical User Interface
(C) Relational Interface in database management
(D) Database management system
Answer: (B) Graphical User Interface

15. Which is NOT an electronic theses and dissertations database?
Answer: (C) NBER

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